Wales is an ancient country with a long, fascinating and sometimes, turbulent history and, for its size, is a country which has made a huge impact on the whole world.

Wales was known to the Romans, who mined gold here. These mines and other Roman settlements can be visited along with other sites of even more ancient cultures. But following 1066 and the rule of the French kings in the British Isles great developments began to take place.

A lasting result of this history is the weath of castles to be found today in Wales. Some are little more than ruins but some are still very much intact and reflect a time when relations within Wales and beyond its borders were definitely based on warfare. The grandeur of the castles at Harlech and Conwy in north Wales compare markedly with Rhaglan and Caerphilly castle ruins in south Wales. The eccentricity of Cardiff Castle and Castell Coch with their faux fairytale medieval renovations by Lord Bute and his architect,  show that anyone who is interested in castles can do no better than to visit Wales. We have more castles than any other country int he world!

As peace came to the country, many stately homes were built, some within existing old castles. Many remain today and offer another chance to visit the heritage of Wales.

With the coming of the industrial revolution, Wales' ample supply of coal, iron and copper ores were in huge demand to drive the revolution forward. It's slate mines provided roofing material for houses and buildings throughout the world. Welsh made steel products were second to none.

In todays world these commodities are no longer required in such large amounts and industries have declined but the industrial sites at which they were used or produced, remain, often as atmospheric ruins, which nonetheless provide an indication of Wales' glorious past.

Today, a number of old coal mines can be visited and visitors experience what life would have been like below ground. The Big Pit is one example of such a mine.

Around the coast the remains of a number of old ports can be seen and each pays homage to the amount of goods which were shipped out of and into Wales.

One less tangible result of the industrial revolution has been the adoption of the sport of rugby which is today the national game of Wales. Today rugby is played at all levels and the Welsh national team is fanatically supported by the majority of the population. The Principality Stadium in Cardiff is home to Welsh international matches where on match days the sound of thousands of Welsh voices raises the roof.

The Welsh love of community singing is also evident in the number of men singing in Male Voice choirs. These choirs are not only famous in Wales, but often give concerts throughout the world. For a memorable experience watch a choir as it practices or attend a concert.

Wales is a country where history is all round us - a land of mythology and magic... a land of ancient cultures... a land of  magnificent natural beauty... a land of friendly people who are waiting to share their land with you and introduce you to a country which will not fail to impress those who decide to holiday here.

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Did you know?….. Wales has more castles than any other country in the world

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