Throughout Wales there is an ancient, dynamic and constantly expanding interest in the arts.

The Welsh national anthem praises Wales as a "land of song, poets & artists". All are celebrated at an 'Eisteddfod' festival of poetry and song, every other year, at different locations around Wales, keeping alive the ancient 'Bardic tradition' which has existed here for thousands of years. Standing stone circles mark places where the festival has been held.  

The world class Millennium Centre in Cardiff presents many first class stage productions, musical theatre shows, ballets & operas and is the home of the reknowned Welsh National Opera Company and innovative art shows and installations. Other theatres in Wales provide a regular supply of interesting shows. Many performances reflect the wide cultural differences to be found in Wales.

At old chapels, male voice choirs can be heard either rehearsing or giving concerts.

St David's Hall in Cardiff provides a fine range of concerts and other performances throughout the year.

Concerts can also be enjoyed at numerous theatres & concert halls throughout Wales.

Wales has many musical festivals every year including the world famous Llangollen Music Festival in north Wales with its large number of participants from all corners of the world, not to mention the "BBC Singer of the World" Competition, attracting singers from across the globe, which is held over a week during high Summer in the Welsh capital city.

The stunning wall murals, originally intended for the Houses of Parliament in London, now at the Brangwyn Hall in Swansea have an interesting history, but not enough to detract from the heart-swelling music by world class orchestras and singers.

The world famous Book Festival is held each year at Hay on Wye and this attracts famous authors and speakers from all over the world, including US Presidents, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.

The Museum of Welsh Life at St Fagans provides a fascinating history of Welsh architecture and customs. With buildings from humble miner's cottages, or roadside toll house to large village halls and extravagantly decorated churches - all dismantled and rebuilt exactly, stone by stone, at the museum to preserve our history for future generations. Live performances and religious ceremonies can be attended at the museum certain times during the year.

We cannot include everything here which can be enjoyed and experienced in Wales,

but talk with us if you have any special wishes about what to see during your holiday in Wales.

DID YOU KNOW the poet Dylan Thomas was born in Wales’ second city, Swansea and Roald Dahl, world famous writer of books for children was born in Cardiff…..

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