All countries are, quite rightly, proud of their gastronomy and Wales is no exception.

During your visit to Wales, and wherever you are in Wales, you will find some of the finest cuisine in the world. By no means a backwater when it comes to fine dining, restaurants, both new and long established, provide menus which can match those found in many other destinations.

Of course Wales is renowned for its sheep and salt marsh lamb is famous for its unique taste. Welsh Black Beef products are also hard to beat when it comes to flavour but these are just two examples of what produce can be enjoyed.

Wales produces a huge amount of seafood, which, as well as being exported, is readily available to satisfy the tastes of even the most discerning of diners.

Welsh cheeses, too, are attracting much international interest and winning top awards worldwide.

We must not forget either the ever expanding drinks industry which is now offering some of the finest alcoholic beverages. Penderyn Distillery is now producing significant quantities and varieties of Welsh whisky, plus great gins and vodka. Wales has a number of micro breweries and distilleries, each producing locally distinct products and all are eager for them to be appreciated by a wider public.

Throughout the year food festivals are held throughout Wales and if food in all its glorious aspects is something which is high on your list of priorities, then your holiday can be designed around your requirements.

And the best thing is that very many of our food and drink providers are very keen to promote their produce. Fly2Wales holidays will be pleased to help you source products and arrange meetings with their producers.

Did you know?….. One Welsh national food is made from seaweed?…Try it with cockles and bacon for your breakfast….

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